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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits are legal proceedings where a plaintiff or group of plaintiffs bring legal action against an entity or defendants on a larger group’s behalf. The legal term for the group is “class members.” The injuries suffered by the class may be either physical or financial and class cases can include many types of lawsuits such as mass injuries, securities litigation, wrongfully denied benefit claims, and large-scale breaches of fiduciary duties.

After proving the defendant’s liability to the court or resolving a case by a court-approved settlement, class members split the award amount after a deduction for legal costs and expenses. Class actions allow a large group to seek damages without the difficulties of financing a legal case on their own.   The suits provide greater judicial efficiency. One judge will hear a single case rather than plaintiffs filing hundreds of individual claims involving the same defendant and causes of action.

Common Class Action Cases

Getting Started With a Class Representative

Class Actions We Won, Awards, and Testimonials

Common Class Action Cases


A class action lawsuit offers strength in numbers.  A well-thought-out case can achieve goals that a single plaintiff could not have accomplished alone for reasons including the high cost of litigation. Common causes for class action suits include:

  • Improper Employee Benefits Claims Practices
  • Improper conversion of retirement plans to cash balance plans
  • Excessive 401(k) management charges or fees
  • Improper denial of healthcare treatments
  • Trustee breaches of fiduciary duty

Getting Started With a Class Representative

In a class action lawsuit, there are typically many individuals who sustained losses owing to the same individual or entity’s violations of law. A single individual or small group takes action to initiate the proceedings. That person is the class representative and has specific duties and responsibilities.

The class representative or lead plaintiff serves as the legal representative, filing a civil action, consulting on the case with the legal team, and agreeing to the settlement. The representative or representatives are the only parties the law entitles to reject or accept settlement agreements. Lead plaintiffs must understand litigation basics, protect the class member’s interests, and keep the group updated. The qualifications for the class representative include:

  • Sharing similar interests in the lawsuit as the rest of the class members
  • Their damages must have resulted from the same cause of action
  • Have no personal relationship or ties to legal counsel
  • Not involved in litigation against another class member

Before proceeding with the filing, the court must review the case. The judge will check to ensure the claim and class representative meet the requirements. If they approve, they will grant a class action certification.

When a class action lawsuit is filed, our experienced lawyers at J.J. Conway Law will answer questions on the procedure as it gets started as well as throughout the case. We work with the class representative throughout the civil claim and litigation process.

“It was his demeanor and concern. He really took our case to heart and you could tell he really cared.” 

Class Actions We Won, Awards, and Testimonials


J.J. Conway Law successfully represented a nationwide class action with a counsel team involving over 20,000 class members. The class members of Medicaid families sought treatment for children with autism and secured over $52 million in funding. J.J. Conway Law received national attention as co-lead counsel fighting for benefits for children with disabilities. The case resulted in a landmark ruling striking down discriminatory healthcare policies.

J.J. Conway is a strong and compassionate advocate fighting for justice for his clients and has successfully recovered millions in benefits. Michigan Lawyers Weekly named J.J. Conway the “Leaders in the Law” Class of 2021. More recently, Elite Lawyer named him as a 2022 Elite Lawyer. J.J. Law client testimonials are below:

“It was his demeanor and concern. He really took our case to heart, and you could tell he really cared.”

“J.J. Conway and the staff are very knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced.”

“He is personable and an all-around great guy.”

How We Can Help You

When an organization or entity harms a large group of people, a class action lawsuit allows the class members to hold the party accountable. If you sustained financial or physical injuries using a harmful service, action, or product and other individuals suffered similar damages, you could be eligible to file a class action case.

Our experienced class action attorneys will provide guidance and help the class representative navigate the complex civil court and class action processes. J.J. Conway has a long history of advocating for clients and fighting for the justice they deserve. He has secured over $65 million in his nearly 25 years as a practicing attorney. If you need help with a class action lawsuit, call J.J. Conway Law at 313-961-6525 to schedule a free consultation.

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