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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a legal proceeding in which a plaintiff or a group of plaintiffs bring legal action against an entity or defendants on behalf of a larger group. This group, referred to as “class members,” collectively represents individuals who have suffered physical or financial injuries. Class action lawyers take on various types of legal disputes, including mass injuries, securities litigation, wrongfully denied benefit claims, and large-scale breaches of fiduciary duties.

Upon establishing the defendant’s liability in court or reaching a resolution through a court-approved settlement, the award amount is distributed among the class members after deducting legal costs and expenses. Class actions provide an avenue for a large group to seek compensation without facing the challenges of financing an individual legal case. These lawsuits also contribute to enhanced judicial efficiency, as a single judge presides over a consolidated case instead of numerous plaintiffs filing individual claims against the same defendant for similar causes of action.

Common Class Action Cases

Getting Started With a Class Representative

Class Actions We Won, Awards, and Testimonials

Common TYPES OF Class Action Cases:


Class action cases provide the power of collective action, allowing individuals to achieve objectives that would normally be challenging or financially prohibitive to pursue as single plaintiffs. By joining forces, class members can address a range of issues, including the following common causes for class action lawsuits:

  • Improper Employee Benefits Claims Practices
  • Improper conversion of retirement plans to cash balance plans
  • Excessive 401(k) management charges or fees
  • Improper denial of healthcare treatments
  • Trustee breaches of fiduciary duty

Getting Started With a Class Representative

In a class action lawsuit, numerous individuals who have suffered losses due to the same individual or entity’s legal violations come together as a collective. To initiate the legal proceedings, a single individual or a small group acts as the class representative, assuming specific duties and responsibilities.

The class representative, also known as the lead plaintiff, serves as the legal representative of the group. They file the civil action, collaborate with the legal team, and play a crucial role in deciding whether to accept or reject settlement agreements. The law grants this decision-making authority exclusively to the representative(s). It is essential for lead plaintiffs to possess a solid understanding of the litigation process, safeguard the interests of the class members, and ensure regular updates are provided to the group. The qualifications for a class representative typically include:

1. Sharing Similar Interests: The class representative must have interests in the lawsuit that align with those of the rest of the class members.
2. Same Cause of Action: The damages suffered by the representative must have resulted from the same cause of action as the rest of the class.
3. No Personal Relationship with Legal Counsel: The representative should not have any personal relationship or ties with the legal counsel involved in the case.
4. No Litigation Against Another Class Member: The representative should not be engaged in litigation against another member of the class.

Before proceeding with the filing, the court thoroughly reviews the case to ensure it meets the necessary requirements. The judge carefully examines the claim and the suitability of the class representative. Upon approval, the court grants class action certification.

When you file a lawsuit, our experienced class action lawyers at J.J. Conway Law are here to guide you through the entire process. We provide comprehensive support, answering your questions and assisting you at every stage, from initiating the case to navigating the civil claim and litigation process. Our expertise and dedication ensure that your rights and the interests of the class are diligently represented.

“It was his demeanor and concern. He really took our case to heart and you could tell he really cared.” 

Class Actions We Won, Awards, and Testimonials


J.J. Conway Law successfully represented a nationwide class action with a counsel team involving over 20,000 class members. The class members of Medicaid families sought treatment for children with autism and secured over $52 million in funding. J.J. Conway Law received national attention as co-lead counsel fighting for benefits for children with disabilities. The case resulted in a landmark ruling striking down discriminatory healthcare policies.

J.J. Conway is a strong and compassionate advocate fighting for justice for his clients and has successfully recovered millions in benefits. Michigan Lawyers Weekly named J.J. Conway the “Leaders in the Law” Class of 2021. More recently, Elite Lawyer named him as a 2022 Elite Lawyer. J.J. Law client testimonials are below:

“It was his demeanor and concern. He really took our case to heart, and you could tell he really cared.”

“J.J. Conway and the staff are very knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced.”

“He is personable and an all-around great guy.”

How OUR Class action lawyers Can Help You

If a large group of people have been harmed by an organization or entity, a class action lawsuit offers a way for the class members to seek accountability. If you have suffered financial or physical injuries due to a harmful service, action, or product, and others have experienced similar damages, you may be eligible to initiate a class action case.

At J.J. Conway Law, our team specializes in providing guidance and support to the class representative throughout the complex civil court and class action processes. With a strong track record of advocating for clients and fighting for justice, J.J. Conway has obtained over $65 million in settlements and verdicts during his nearly 25 years of legal practice. When you require assistance with a class action lawsuit, we encourage you to call J.J. Conway Law at 313-961-6525 to schedule a free consultation.

Our dedicated team of class action attorneys will diligently assess your case, explain the legal options available to you, and develop a strategic approach tailored to your specific circumstances. We understand the complexities involved in class action litigation and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and pursue the justice you deserve. Contact us today to take the first step towards resolving your class action lawsuit.

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