Fixing broken promises: Employee benefits litigation attorneys push employers to make good on their contractual obligations

Did you know that employee benefits such as health insurance, a 401(k) or defined benefit pension plan, and long-term disability plans offered by an employer are legal contracts? They constitute a legal, mutual agreement between employer and employee and the terms and obligations of those benefit plans are legally enforceable. As employee benefit litigators, we represent individuals and groups who are seeking to obtain the benefits they earned but are being denied by employers who don’t want to live up to their legal obligation.

These cases are difficult, if not impossible, for employees to navigate on their own. Increasingly, employers who deny benefits for what should be covered medical or mental health services, or who entrust retirement plan administration to powerful, monolithic entities that take exorbitant fees while providing nominal returns, are facing legal backlash. And they are losing. But only when they have top-notch lawyers working against them.

We are trial lawyers setting the standard in employee benefits litigation and ERISA protections. If your employer has broken its contract and denied benefits to you or your family, they’ve broken a promise to you. We litigate to win. Our milestone successes made national headlines, including helping Michigan and U.S. military families of children with autism receive fully insured benefits for covered services and working through the City of Detroit bankruptcy to get police and firefighters their earned pensions.

We also work with parents of teens and tweens suffering a mental health crisis who are struggling to get payment or reimbursement for their child’s short or long-term residential treatment. This is an emerging area of the law that demands the specialized knowledge and experience of an employee benefits litigation lawyer.

Let us put our employee benefits litigation experience to work for you and your family today so you can conquer tomorrow with the benefits you’ve earned.